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Official Rules for African Hills Venue Fishing and Conduct Effective from 01 January 2023.
For inquiries and bookings, please contact the Bookings Department at

Entry and Departure:
All individuals intending to fish or visit the African Hills venue must contact the bookings department before arriving. Access to the premises is subject to approval from the bookings department. Even for spontaneous visits, please ensure to confirm with the bookings department beforehand.

Anglers who have made payments via EFT must have their Proof of Payment and booking reference number readily available for security inspection upon entry. Card payments at the venue should be made at the secuirty gate upon arrival.

Gates open at 6:30 am and close at 6:30 pm as part of our security protocol. Exceptions can be considered with prior notice for late arrivals. After 6 pm, gates will only be opened in emergencies. Please inform the Dam Manager in such instances to arrange for your exit with security.

Carp fishing sessions run from 6 am to 6 am the next day. Anglers on a stand booked by someone else must clear the area by 8 am. However, if no other anglers are scheduled, departure time can be extended until 10 am. Please confirm with the bookings department for details.

Bass Angling sessions are scheduled from 6 am to 5:30 pm on the same day. Overnight camping and angling for bass can be arranged through the booking office or online at


By entering the African Hills Wedding, Conference, and Farm venue, all guests and visitors agree to be held fully liable for any and all damages they cause to the property. The responsible party must settle the full balance for any damages within 14 days of the event occurring.

In the event that the responsible party has insurance coverage for such incidents, it is their responsibility to first pay the venue for the damages in full. They may then claim reimbursement from their insurance provider.

·  Tackle and Bait Specifications:

Specimen Carp Angling Main Line: Mono - Minimum 0.30mm, Minimum 12lb Braid - Minimum 0.16mm, Minimum 25lb Leader Line: (Mandatory for Carp Angling)

Mono/Fluorocarbon - Minimum 0.50mm Braided - Minimum 0.40mm Lead Systems: Leadcore Hollowcore Fluorocarbon (minimum 0.65mm)

NB: All Helicopter setups must use the "No Trace Bead" format.

Hooklink: Braided Hooklink: Minimum 20lb Fluorocarbon

Hooklink: Minimum 0.45mm

Monofilament Hook links are prohibited.


Only dedicated specimen carp hooks are allowed

Micro barbed Only (No Long Barbed, Broad Barbed, or Barbless Hooks Allowed)
Minimum size: Size 6 Fish Care Equipment (MANDATORY):
Use of Unhooking Mats or Cradles is compulsory.

Landing nets should be a minimum of 42", knotless type Use of Fish Clinic or Korda Propolis Products is recommended for fish care medication.

Retaining fish only in properly designed floating full-net retainers. This must be filled with COOL, fresh water. Water which has been standing for periods in the sun and is hot will kill the fish.

No use of carp-sacks or weigh slings for retention.

In case of forgotten Fish Care equipment, please inform the Dam Manager for available items free of charge.

Bookings may only be made should you use the designated equipment. Finishing is not allowed with equipment other than what is specified above.

Bait and Additive Regulations:


Any quality HNV boilies are allowed.
No more than 5kg of boilies per swim per weekend session

Additives: Only dedicated angling specific powdered or liquid additives are allowed.
Exceptions can be made for use of certain human grade food items as bait additives.

Boilies: High Nutritional Value (HNV) boilie is allowed.

Home-rolled boilies need approval from the Dam Manager before use.

Maximum of 5kg of boilies per swim per weekend session.


Particles bought from a reputable Angling shop are allowed.

Maximum of 15 litres of particles per swim per weekend session.

Additives: Only dedicated angling-specific powdered or liquid additives allowed.

Exceptions for specific human-grade food items are permissible, subject to approval.

No use of non-dedicated fishing bait additives or unapproved food-grade ingredients eg. Belachan paste, salts, essential oils peanut paste etc… No use of any substances or chemicals that are not dedicated fishing bait additives or approved food grade ingredients.

Boats and Remote Bait Delivery Devices:

Inflatables, Dinghies, Bait Boats, and Drones are permitted for dropping lines.

Tackle and Bait Requirements and Rules:

Bass Angling Main Line:

Mono - Minimum 8lb Breaking Strain Braid - Minimum 10lb Breaking Strain

Leaders: Fluorocarbon or Monofilament leaders are compulsory for all Bass Angling.

Minimum 10lb Breaking Strain and approximately 1.5 times the length of the rod being used.


Only hooks designed for bass angling are permitted. This includes Wide Gape, Dropshot, Treble, and straight shank bass hooks. No use of Carp, Saltwater, or any other types of hooks.

Baits and Lures:

Only Artificial Lures allowed for bass fishing, including Soft Plastic Lures, Hard Plastic Lures, Spinner, and Crankbaits. No use of live or organic baits.

Fish Care Equipment and Rules:

Long-Nosed Pliers are mandatory for all Bass Anglers for difficult hook extraction situations.
Only Lip Grips or Slings allowed for weighing bass.


No Scale Hooks through the mouth or gills.

All bass that have been Gullet-Hooked (Hooked passed the oesophagus) must be unhooked in a specific manner to prevent serious injury to the fish. Should you not know how to do this or are not confident in doing this please contact the Dam Manager for Assistance. Fish care medication application mandatory for any injured bass caught.

All fish to be returned to the water within 3 minutes of capture, except for health-related issues requiring immediate attention. The retainers must be filled with COOL, fresh water. Water which has been standing for periods in the sun and is hot will kill the fish. If you need a longer time period after 3 min, return the fish to a cool, fresh water retainer for 5 - 10 minutes before removing it again.

Rods are to be attended to at all times during fishing, no unattended rods are allowed.

Strict prohibition on Line break-offs. Contact the Dam Manager for assistance if the line is snagged or broken off. Failing to retrieve a broken-off line may result in a R250 penalty charged to the relevant angler depending on the situation. INTENTIONAL BREAK-OFF'S WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE BAN FROM THE VENUE. Anglers are encouraged to report any break-off's to the Dam Manager.

Inflatables, Dinghies, Tubes, and Kick-Boats are allowed with consideration for other anglers.
Bass fishing is allowed in designated bass dams only, with special permission required for the Main Dams.

General Angling Regulations:

A Strict CATCH AND RELEASE POLICY is in effect.

Carp Angling Rod limits per swim: Single Angler - Maximum 3 rods, Multiple Anglers - Maximum 4 rods.
Landing of all carp and barbel with a landing net onto an unhooking mat or cradle is mandatory.

Limited time of 3 minutes for fish to be kept outside the water. Contact the Dam Manager for assistance with any issues.

Proper fish handling guidelines must be followed, with no mishandling tolerated.

Prohibition on moving fish or vegetation between dams without permission.

Adherence to designated swim areas and boundaries is mandatory. Contact the Dam Manager for any disputes.
Continuous monitoring of rods is required.

For claiming a potential record catch, contact the Dam Manager for verification.



STRICTLY NO MOVING OF FISH OR VEGETATION BETWEEN ANY OF THE DAMS BY ANGLERS. Fish caught must be released into the same dam that they have been caught in unless they are injured, sick or require any specialised treatment. If such a fish is caught please consult with the Dam Manager for advice and assistance.

Boating and Remote Bait Delivery Devices:

Boats may be used for fishing purposes only. No joyriding allowed.
Respect for others' space when using boats or remote bait delivery devices.
The use of appropriate flotation and safety equipment is mandatory.
No use of boats under the influence of substances.
Drones may be used, but flight path is restricted to your swim lines.
Associated costs shall be levied against the owner for sucken boats extraction.
Usage of boats and devices at one's own risk, with the venue waiving all liability.

Guest Personal Conduct Guidelines:

Consumption of Alcohol resulting in the inability to conduct oneself responsibly or which results in a disturbance to other anglers and or campers, shall result in a warning from the Dam Manager. Should the warning not be heeded this will result in immediate removal of such persons from the venue and a potential ban.

The venue has a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal substance use.

Guests should at all times respect the venue's facilities and grounds, with penalties, fines or potential ban’s issued for misuse or damages. This includes but is not limited to littering at the campsites grounds.

Noise levels are regulated all hours, with consideration for fellow anglers. Music played may not audible in the neighbouring swim or campsite. Continuous loud socializing, shouting and or screaming that disturbs other anglers is not permitted. No unnecessary revving of engines or any other sort of inconsiderate noise making will be tolerated.

Demonstrating respect for others' space and privacy is highlighted, with guidelines for appropriate behaviour.

Safety guidelines for children outlined, with a call for vigilance. Anywhere there is this much water, drowning is a major concern so please do take care. We encourage all Anglers and Visitors to look out for each other and each other’s families. If you see a dangerous situation developing please notify Management and we will assist.

Rules for swimming pool use are detailed at the pool, with an emphasis on appropriate conduct and attire – only bathing suit attire is permitted. No swimming in underwear, “skinny dipping” or swimming in clothing such as jeans is allowed. Eating and drinking in the pool is not allowed.

Please ensure that the toilets are used as there will be no urinating, defecating or vomiting etc allowed in the common grounds and angling grounds. We understand that accidents happen but any deliberate act will result in a warning or removal from the property by the Dam Manager.

Emphasis on adhering to speed limits (max 40 km per hour) and parking regulations – do not park on the grass in common areas.

Please keep to designated zones and areas on the venue map. Exploring is not permitted.


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