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Through our efforts, we aim to empower individuals to contribute confidently to society. We aim to help to grow future leaders and active community members who will be guided by their personal values, principles and a passion to succeed.

The main social development project on our farm is African Blessings, a secure Children’s Village and Education centre catering for at-risk children.


Additional projects run at African Hills include an animal sanctuary, food gardens and other sustainable farming and social development projects. By booking or making use of our venue, fishing or other recreational facilities at African Hills, you are helping us to continue to fund and expand these projects.


Donations & Volunteers

There are different social development programs run at African Hills that you can choose to donate towards or volunteer your time. You can help support the running of the African Blessings Children’s Village homes (groceries, toiletries or cleaning supplies), assist with the establishment of food gardens within the surrounding areas or volunteer for the animal welfare programs.


Scroll right to find a program you would like to support.

The Season for Seniors campaign, being an annual initiative, plays a crucial role in uplifting the spirits of the elderly in need. Fundamental items that may seem ordinary to many of us – such as toothpaste, a personal face cloth, a box of tissues, and deodorant – hold immense value for those in need. These seemingly small essentials can make a world of difference in their daily lives. Read more here.


African Blessings is a children's village that provides a safe and nurturing home for at-risk children. It has been a long journey to build and establish the 16 homes that form part of the village, but we are finally ready to begin taking in more children. Read more here.

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