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Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy some quality time with your horse or pony. African Hills caters for horse owners looking to enjoy a fun or training day out with their trusty steed. Situated on a stunning 167 HA farm with a series of dams, there is an ample space to ride out on the security access controlled farm. Whether you need to practice trucking and familiarisation at new venues or simply enjoy cantering along our 5 - 10 degree 1 km track, African Hills is the venue of choice.

Paddocks or overnights can be arranged should you wish to make a weekend of it or simply enjoy a leisurely picnic after your ride.  

Proceeds from bookings assist the running of the Animal Sanctuary as well as other social development projects run on the farm. Enjoy a great day out while supporting animals in need.

Contact or +27 82 520 7040 for more information.

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