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Animal Sanctuary

Why not make a day of it and join us for a light meal or picnic while visiting the animals at our sanctuary? All the farm animals love treats, and these are available to purchase from the café.


Sponsor a rescue

Looking for a meaningful way to support animals in need? Look no further than our Fur-ever Friend Program! By sponsoring one of the furry residents on our farm, you can help provide food, shelter, and medical care for your new four-legged friend.

Our program offers flexible options for sponsorship, whether you want to make a one-time donation or become a monthly sponsor. Plus, as a sponsor, you'll receive free visits to the farm to see your furry friend in person and spend quality time with them.

Our furry residents are grateful for your support, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're making a real difference in their lives.


Why wait? Sign up for our Fur-ever Friend Program today and start making a positive impact in the lives of our furry friends! Link on the link below to sign up.

Meet the residents:


Solly was the first donkey we rescued. We were visiting a farm outside Pretoria North looking to buy a Straight-backed German Shepherd from a respected breeder. We were still standing and chatting, when we felt a nudge from behind. There stood the saddest little donkey you ever saw. Love at first sight! The owner of the farm was happy to part with him and Solly came to African Blessings and lived with us for five years very happily, before he needed to be released from a life of pain and no more teeth to enjoy his food.


Donkeys are herd animals and we needed a companion for Solly. An abandoned jenny and her foal were found and joined us at African Blessings. That was Zoey and Zelda. A surprise awaited us! Zoey was pregnant and Zara – meaning Princess – was born on the farm. Zoey’s life ended very suddenly after a puff adder snake bite. We are so thrilled that she enjoyed three happy and stress-free years with us and her two girls.


A message came through to us that seventeen donkeys had been discovered totally abandoned and in poor shape. We went at once and brought home Zillah – the one who would never have been picked out of the bunch. Severely burned at coal yards at a coal mine, her ear twisted beyond repair, she was our silent saint, who was even too afraid to bray. She’s doing well now and has become exceedingly confident and even cheeky!


A few weeks later, some of the donkeys had still not found homes and we went to bring home Zack. He had a painful leg injury and was in solitary rehabilitation with us for six weeks as he received much tlc, which he simply relished! Zack is my gentle gent. He would never have been picked, as he would not have been able to work very hard.


Sweetie was brought to us from Sun City where she had lived since rescued as a foal. She is comfortable around humans as she experienced kindness from a young age. She still walks with a limp because of her hit and run accident.


Zerah – our littlest donkey was snuck in to us by our brave farm manager at the time. A message was received that he had been snatched away from his mommy to be reared for a delicacy by a foreign local community who are very high in intelligence but very low in moral conduct towards animals. We simply stopped, marched in quietly, loaded her up and saved her from a very cruel and excruciating death. Zerah is cheeky but oh so adorable. He just loves life.


Donkeys are highly intelligent, very curious and like to be given time to make a move - thus being labelled as stubborn. They are the most humble and sadly also the most abused animals in the world.

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